Domain magic

A witches sacrifice

The moon shone bright as only a full moon can reflecting in shadows and silver rays in the wooded land. Snow lay deep on the ground and only the sounds of the owl could be heard. The gathering of the circle began for this is the witches night together they beckoned the devil to come. The fire burnt high and incantations echoed through the air and a strange mist began to appear, had the devil heard the call? Even the bravest heart dare not travel the roads at night so the gathering felt safe in the woods. The head warlock wore his long black cloak with hood and a mask which covered his face. This you see was a well known face in the nearby village and if it were known he could be the minister too. He held a dagger high for this night was a sacrifice night a night for blood to prove the devils worth. This was a deadly night and a young gypsey girl had fallen into the hands of the covenant she had been bound and brought into the fire light. She feared for her light but like every good serpent the warlock promised her life . The smoke from the fire billowed into the air and a thin fall of snow dampened the flames. Together they called again and again ‘come on the winds from hell’ and the devil answered for he did appear dressed in a red cloak. The warlock handed him the silver dagger. The girl grew more afraid her heart beat fast , but she was gagged and could not cry out and soon she was tied to a poll and the devil whispered ‘do not fear freedom is hear’ . Under the cover of night a rider came along the misty path but seeing flames feared the worst so a brave young soul drew back as the flickering flames were seen then dropping to the ground in silence then tethering the horse , the knight crept closer to the scene. The devil ready to work took the dagger with force and cried out to the moon like a wolf ready to kill eyes wide he strode toward his victim, when suddenly an arrow struck his heart with such deadly force he was throw back into the flames. The crossbow let loose two more bolts and cries came and running began in panicked verse. The knight fired again and the covenant fell silent for evil along with the devil was dead. Blood on the snow there own sacrifice and the devil died in the fire from hell all be it man made. The knight ran to the lady who wept as she bent to untie the bonds her hair fell down in red abundance for she was a knight of the female kind and she released her sister from impending doom together they hugged ran to the stallion, freedom was at hand. A gypsey you see is a nomadic soul and so they roamed far from the devil who had lost his way in the fires of hell.

louisa jensen

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