Flutterbys; Poetry


Photo by patrice schoefolt on Pexels.com

wolves of the internet

souls lost in transit

pack members search for the sad

bleed them and take their very souls

sad connections sad remembrances

ohh sad redemptions

louisa jen

The heart, the moon , the soul

On a witches night when the moon was high

The devil sighed Oh perfect imperfection

The magic cast in that wicked moment

And the devil sighed Oh perfect imperfection

Lucifer fell from grace and he hid his face from love and the devil sighed

Oh perfect imperfections

louisa jen

To the Moon

I cried to the moon if only I could be so much more than me,Maybe then I would see so much more then we. In the sunlight I fear the moon, Oh that terrible moon that offers so much.I wish I could go beyond and never see a reflection of we, Just the sun and me and peace in thee. The chrystal clear memory and ripples in the sea, Oh I could just be me!

louisa jen

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

The soul Romancer

Molded in ancient text ,The crucible of learned men , Tempered in the firers of tradition ,Life inspires the believer , Spirituality derived from sadness, Humility bound by silence, To acquainted with death and to near to madness, The hermit quests for the inner truth ,but still the human weeps While the spirit soars into that ghostly realm, No key is found to unlock the heart, now vaulted in its metal cage, The body sleeps to afraid to wake, The body sleeps to afraid to wake

louisa jensen

The creationist

Man the master puppeteer Every dream we ever dreamed Every concept or theory we ever told imagination runs wild Every civilisation, every propaganda A very human adventure sharman, showman and drama then and now enchantment and magic razzel dazzel ,excite me, control me spin me around for there’s witchery to be found jesters,minstrels,kings and queens glories to be found Man the creator of his realm

louisa jen

The highway man of old

The black mask

The evil king

The highwayman

The games are played

The cards have fallen

Who stole the moon?

Who bought the night?

Who played with the stars?

Was he a highway man in techno colour?

The black rose

Stand and deliver in sophisticated style

Who wore the mask?

Diversion and decoy

White stallions and red roses

Who played with the stars?

Who dared the moon?

Pistols and swords

Bleeding hearts

Who wore the mask?

Who stole the moon?

Louisa jensen

Photo by Vijay Putra on Pexels.com

The Human Mask

We all have a story, WE all have our image or facard just as every book has its cover. As very cover has its promise of personality seen through the eyes of fortune. Every book has za hidden trail that no one else can follow. So turn the pages slowly and follow the hidden trail for every page has a mystery to unveil. For every word there is an action and every actor wears a mask. Every introspection carries an altered veneer which can be shattered and every judgment surrendered until the human mask is seen.

louisa jen

Knight of Love

Photo by Ott Maidre on Pexels.com

Love is visible, Doves coo, Justice rains in bloodied tears, NO its not a wound you can see, No its not a physical illness, You are the reason, cupids arrow struck deep into my bloody heart, Not your fault, Media assault, Bleed emotion, Bleed Justice, Bleed LOVE

louisa jensen

Photo by Gladson Xavier on Pexels.com
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


war I flew my flags a declaration of war-merited, A violent response to an intolerable situation A conundrum of emotions, disaster with dark forbidding clouds , protestations of Holy Clap Trap Pushed manipulated to the edge of doom , Stupidity the outcome NO NO NO To great the loss, wretched hands, wretched wounds and bodies, Regret and killing hardship and poverty of spirit /sleepless nights sadness sadness with heart ,soul, blood and bone ,death the master of cruel intent WAR demented , DONT GO LIGHTLY INTO THE BATTLE FIELD ,DONT GO LIGHTLY INTO THE BATTLE FIELD

Times passes

The abilities of the spirit, Imagination is confined to our minds and our play

Who are we that we turned our backs to the winds of time?

Taught ourselves to be wise and not free

Why did life become so real, death was a frightening end?

Religion the master of my soul, the body chastised

In the days long past, I saw a time when ghosts were real

When crocodiles lived under my bed and sinter clause visited

Times of great fear and great joy

The clock was never ticking and fantasy were games we played outside

WE grew into the real world and we lose ourselves

Love so real So lost

Destiny tore my heart away

Destiny’s game

Love where is it now

 Louisa jensen


Home from our trials, we shepherds of the flock. Faithful dog Blue lay at my feet, Rest indeed for a while A drover’s dog he followed me many a mile He kept the line ever vigilant to my whistle Fast upon their heels, while stallion telepathic to my need We negotiated the clumps and potholes across the southern plains Crows circled in the lazy heat but come the sunset The universe unfolded ablaze with celestial light The camp fire crackled and warmed our weary soulsBlue ever watchful ears pointed and nose twitching to every sound The moon gave pleasure to our eyes and we rested by the fireMy friends and I dream of no other placeThe thought irreconcilable to our heartFor open horizons on open plains with endless skiesTo be bedazzled with mirages on those long days of heatTo touch the earth to see the fireJust Blue my friend and meLouisa jensen

louise jensen

Love Dies

Cold hearts

Brutel hearts

bleeding hearts

love dies silently

Love dies slowly

Redemption of my soul

Broken heart

louisa jensen

louisa jen I have been a nurse a mother a sister a daughter i achieved a nursing certificate a bachelor degree in the art history and social sciences.

I enjoy writing hence my blog and happy reading . I am me because that is all I can be.

Let’s make something together.

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