please come back now

book of incantations

magic is created in the imagination and in the early days of witches was the desire to create from the natural world a control mechanism for ill health or for nature ,work in agriculture and appeasement to the natural world which was imbued with powers. From animals to natural plants for medicinal and then came comfort for the patient and family hence the shaman or witch doctor or witch comfort and control so important.

cupid is online and in this small knowledge people log on and hope

good fortune to you all.

we sit you and I in this silent room i watch the ticking clock How many times have i done this before When the others road has ended I heard silent cries saw pain within there eyes I promise id be there until the very end Now here i sit with my precious other see the ebb and tide you were gone long before you died I kissed your hand and said goodbye then on the hour appointed silence entered the room I looked and you were gone I held my head and my tears ran like rain dripping threw my fingers to the floor oh please come back oh please come back I whispered in my prayer

louise jensen


louisa Jen