silk and conquest the kahn and the golden tablet,the true merchant of venice given safe passage on the old silk road marco polo , the life blood the veins to paradise, to velvet to silk, the loom, the respect, the beauty the garden the designs the fabric , people bathed in silken robes, from china the journey fraught with fears from those who followed the wealth and there lies the silken conquest of kubla kahn.

louisa jen

A distant love

love reached out and beckoned me to come , destiny played a game on me ,what winds of witchery saw this enchantment What mystery what spell did you cast on me, love limited with time and age, affection real intentions unclear , did you wish a most practical wish of love. time plays a game on us and shifts the clock. Memory reminds me to love you and beckons me to surrender.

louisa jen


I lit a candle

I penned a note of love

I set the words to flame

To burn in passions fire

Destiny you see has played a game of love

Too deep to understand

Betwixt of time

Betwixt of Place

A burnt heart with the words in smokey rings

Frome heart to flames

From  East to West

From  the enchanted fire

Did you feel love

Did you feel the same

From heart to flames

Did you feel the enchanted fires of love

Louisa jen


I stood and wondered at my resolute mind, Thought and deed so attached and yet not , Action out ways thought or does it, Delight comes from a decisive moment of movement , Can drama be drama without deep and powerful action, Silence can not be heard , Can it be seen ?, can silence manifest into action or does it depend on sight , If the action is silent can anyone hear the silent scream, Recognition of the pain is a momentum of empathy , Is silence anger, is silence humility can it be both or neither, Or do we simply die silently

louisa jen

To Walk

Controlling the stride, times spent walking I couldn’t count the hours, Health and death the parameters , Control not forgotten, Heel toe heel toe watch the scenery go , pavement sand and dune off the trodden path , hill and dale ,To wander in natures wonder now lets hold that thought Love thy self Life’s joys abound , ahh to be a bird on the wing to soar to fly above the storms and rest upon a cloud but I am pavement bound Clip Clop, I love that sound

louisa jen


Dissolution of self in moments of the orchestrated corruption of character

Doctor jeckle and Mr Hide found the corruption of self

A schism of personality with the division from body and mind

Into hell we are cast to burn in the fires of dissolution to find redemption

The ill of and corruption or schism of the mind in sexual perversion

Fraud would find fault with the id of an angel or would he ask for intensive

Therapeutic dissolution

Where is peace is it found in meditation does prayer prevent ultimate insanity

Does this become the knifes edge we tip toe upon through our waking day?

But what depths to we reach in those dreaming hours in the nightmare of sleep

That hell where our evil lives that devil or Satan who roams our inner core

Then what of Jesus who cried in the wilderness he that haunted the desert

And found god is this the dissolution of self is this the pain we strive for

Love is hope and love rescues the heart from deadly thought and sooths the soul

Questions and quests of knights and damsels found wanting of mortal dilemmas

 devils and angels penetrate the fires of dissolution to redeem lost souls

while butterflies touch and kiss the yellow roses to bring life joy

no thorn to sting and poison the heart but still death and dissolution  comes

Louisa jean

The angel stopped and warmed my spirit when I felt my life was gone The creature lifted me from my sadness Gave me wings to fly Maybe god looked me in the eye So many tears blurred my vision I could not even smile Keep your head up and travel another mile The angel said Put your hand in my hand then stand If you crumble , I will be there Your days are few but your days are new step up and its ok hold on for a while Follow me step and where I step ,stand where I stand Totally forgive and totally be thee Louisa Jensen


I must apologize I have been pre occupied with my meanderings that I have neglected my blog and for few who held my hand I apologize and thank for your kindness but i will try to refocus my mind and do better.My new poem is the cruel and mighty sea hope you enjoy now i will spend my day renewing my friendship with my blog much love from oz.

The cruel and mighty sea

Oceans blue, oceans grey, oceans ever changing with the winds

Oceans of unknown forces who survive in that powerful place

That place where sailors go to play and challenge themselves each day

That magic space that realm within our world

That deep unmapped water where monsters lurk

That bountiful hungry place of danger and cruel intent

To hunt like the shark with sharpened teeth

To go beyond the reefs to see the undulating sea

In those uncharted depths where only trident could go

Where sirens called men to the rocks to steal their very soul’s

What changing moods has the sea in stories to unfold

What zeal , what courage to crest the mighty waves

What force drives men to quest dominion over Neptune

Ahhh to languish in the sunset and to do battle with the sunrise, to take heart and muscle from the shore to seek in the fathoms below

But I shall wander on the shoreline and dream as dreamers do

Ill search the rock pools on sunny days for I cannot go beyond my depths

I am bound you see to terra firma to sit and watch the turning tides

To imagine and to read in books brave stories of the sea

Louisa Jensen

Did I breath Did I create Did I give Did I share Did I care Did I know pain Did I know love Did I know fear, Yes I have lived Yes subjective objective Yes knowledge gained Entrapment Trust Debatable Diabolical

A collidescope of colour’s, Emotions undone ,Romance and love, Erotic fantasy games and fun, sadness and joy, only a toy, let heart betray heart . let no love start

louisa jen

Unanswered Questions

The world is in flux, Environmental changes global warming, Covid 19 spreading, Animal cruelty Animal murder, Forests burning habitat disappearing, Starvation gene altered agriculture and ddt exposure, No clean water ,economic terror, Refugee migrations ,Limited resources yet their is wealth, Corruption violence ,terror War ,drugs. On this beautiful planet people struggle to survive where to start the repair Mars????? How to save the planet, how to love our world ,how to save ourselves on this Endangered Planet

louisa jensen

Dreaming on a rainy day

So many desires unmet Insationable momentum So much undone Distant travels Distant shores Life in a bubble Enforced nationalism protectionism Affections unstable Disease in the air we breath Fascination sceptism Electronic magic Gaze at the world that blue globe we all call home

Sunrise sunset links us in that enchanted ephemeral interconnected moment Differences negligible WE become one No flat world theory here Interconnected, Interconnected, Interconnected

louise jensen

Message in a bottle

I wrote a song and I placed it in a bottle and set it adrift upon the sea

A message from a distant heart

A song of love set upon the breeze

This melody is meant to live with you

No reply to sender, just affection found in this musical note

A vessel guided to its owner by a heavenly force

Its destiny that set you to walk that distant shore

An enchanting diamond so precious found lying in the sand.

Let love stand and stand.

Let love stand

Louisa Jensen

Fire and ice

Fire ,ice and the id Inside myself is a constant battle Who wins depends on the game I dream of war of and disaster The fire is want and desire The id which is part of me That horrible kid Ice frosty and cold is the conscience The heart a fire that burns but the frozen ice refuses to melt ahhhh what is there to do ice and fire ,fire and ice never forget the vicious kid, the id

louisa jensen

twas a game

twas a game you played twas no more than that love twas never there For i have not felt you near In many a year twas yes twas just a game you played in the sun shine.

louise jensen

Eternal moon

There is a strange moment when we know

we have lived too long seen too much

A question comes as hamlet asked

Determined we cling to hope and others fall

Oh what of eternity if we were given it

we would cry too long it is too long

The moon has seen how many eyes felt how many hearts

The sun has warmed how many souls

This world and its unending orbit

Oh it grows cold at night

i seek too many answers

The moon just smiles and those beams

must try to smile

oh that moon that beautiful moon

louisa jensen

LOve with wisdom

A friend is not a small thing

Do not love too wisely

lest you miss the passion

But do not love to rashly lest your heart be broken

nay love as a friend

love with thought and care, love honestly

hold love in thy heart and stay thy love for me

Give not the future to another

stay a friend to me

louisa jensen

A white witch A white witch, A white heart Where love can start , See me now Love me now for an enchantment I have given I tossed my spell into the winds To carry my love to you East to west ,west to east A white witch, A white heart For love to start

Louisa jensen


I waited, I prayed ,I saw you

Do you love me now

I lost you

Finally you see me


louisa jensen

Roses in the garden

Rainbows at midnight colors reverberate like ripples on a pond To see the unseen, To touch the intangible Imagination the key, Feel the sun , Feel your heart Feel the beat of life, Let the world open up Unlock the door ,Fantasy ephemeral but real No path closed, No river too wide , No love too deep Red roses in the garden Imagine the stars and feel the moonbeams Blood and Bone connections to time Earth, Wind ,Fire and water Feel the land breath, Feel the magic

louisa jensen

Candle light

The candelabra sat in the reflective glow of the mirror

The flames flickering in the half light of the room

Magic danced around this small world

lovers swayed to music transfixed in the magic

The shadowy light of the candles appeared as an enchanted sparkle

The ombiance, lit her eyes and my heart beat to a new drum

We kissed in the candle light made promises in the candle light

Oh to live in the magic of this moment

Hearts surrendered in the candle light

Love in the candle light

Louisa Jensen