York Henry Bear

Today is such a rainy day that im just killing time with my york doing exercises and reading fun jokes one such is ‘What do you call a cat who plays football mmmmm Puss in boots lol and what does Dracula do with the Transylvanian baseball team mmmmm he looks after the bats lol. York is laughing and is happy feet up on the lounge.. Today i have offered to become a bone marrow donor and if i become that to my brother york has promised to come to the hospital with me bears are just the kindest and bravest creatures,, where would i be without my york henry Bear..

This image took me back to me to when innocence knew no bounds to imagination from tea parties with teddy and scary nights alone watching shadows in my room. I clung to my bear in case death found me hiding there.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A bear for Christmas was a mighty gift when I was five and I have carried that feeling of joy ever since .I was a nervous child and so my bear became so precious to me and i have always kept a bear ever since. I love my York he keeps me warm with his fur and keeps me company. Bears are very important creatures. Do you agree???

The bear who ran away

I searched in the bedroom

i searched in the cupboard,upstairs and downstairs

I looked under the bed my heart filled with dread

omg the teddy bear was dead so i cried out loud and suddenly heard a growl

never go far without checking to see if there is a bear sleeping in your bed

louisa jen



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